There is a petition going on online that proposes changing the name of Penn State's playing field to Joe Paterno Field. I love this idea and I would do it right away. Some will say no go because Joe didn't do enough to stop Jerry Sandusky. Actually in some ways he did and some he didn't. He did let Jerry  go from his job as Defensive co-ordinator. He didn't report Sandusky's evil actions to a higher authority.

In his last interview Joe says he regrets he didn't do more. I believe him. Joe  was a high quality man with high morals and integrity. Those who are against this will crow loud. Many of them probably never watched a Penn State game or know where Penn State is. That's the way it works. Some people just need a cause even though they are clueless.

The facts are this. Paterno gave his life and much of his money to PSU. He was the man at Penn State for over 60 years. He turned down many offers, much more lucrative then what he earned at State yet he stayed cause he loved Penn State and they loved him. He helped thousands of kids make  a better life for themselves in and out of football. He made men out of boys. He gave opportunity to those who had none. He made sure they went to class and got a degree. He helped raise millions for charity. He donated millions of his own to make for a better school and life for many. His good deeds and honorable work faaaar outweigh his short comings.

Sadly in todays angry world if you aren't perfect well then you are persona non grata. No I don't approve of the way Paterno handled the Sandusky situation. However that doesn't diminish his life's work and all those that  benefitted from it. His great deeds far outweigh his 1 bad move in my opinion and think how many people would have been worse off if not for the love, compassion, caring, and generous deeds of Joe Paterno. Rename that field Joe Paterno field and let the healing of a great university continue