Its official sex tapes have jumped the shark and this is why. 

It came to light in the last few weeks that Rex and His Wife had (allegedly) been making foot fetish films for a website while Rex was working for the Ravens organization.  So naturally I watched the leaked footage.

After I got done vomiting out of my eyes, I came to this conclusion. I don’t care….. I don’t give one rat’s a@#.  Man we all freaks baby, and my man Rex is no different.  We all have our things about us; if we didn’t there wouldn’t be such a high death right rate do to autoerotic asphyxiation (that’s why there are no more INXS albums).  Why do you think there are entire websites devoted to Women dressed as teddy bears.  If you only knew what people you looked up to or thought where famous were into you would need to scrub your self with a toilet brush.

So put away your real doll, and get off Rex’s back on this one….. Besides did you see how hot his wife is? If my wife was that hot and I was that fat I’d plaster her all over the internet as well.

Here it is if you missed it (SFW)