Dallas Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle got frustrated on Wednesday night and kicked a ball into the stands.  The ball whacked a fan in the face.

The Oklahoma City Thunder beat the Dallas Mavericks 95-86 on Wednesday evening.  Mavs' coach Rick Carlisle kicked the ball after the Thunder took a 75-67 lead in the fourth quarter.  The ball hit a fan in the stands.  Carlisle went over to apologize to the fan.  All seems well in that department.

Carlisle said after the game that his actions "can't happen."  He also said that his intent was not to kick the ball into the stands, but rather to kick the ball to one of the officials.  He said that he obviously isn't a good soccer player and that maybe he should get some pointers from Steve Nash.  Good call, Rick.  You need to polish up on the soccer skills if you're going to be kicking basketballs.  Or, you could just avoid kicking basketballs to begin with.

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