For the 2nd time, and despite millions of dollars wasted the 1st time, the US Government is putting Roger Clemens on trial for using steroids and also lying to a Congressional Committee during not a hearing on steroids but a "fact finding" gathering on steroid use in Baseball.

Now don't think for 1 moment I am for steroid use. I have spoken many times of my outrage of the roid slime and users. I am more against the Government sticking their nose where it doesn't belong. Pick your priorities!

Truth be told I can't stand Clemens. Not just for his "alleged' steroid use, but his beaning of former Met Mike Piazza who he purposely hit in the head with a fastball and could have killed him. Clemens is a punk!

However my core and beliefs are more against the US Government sticking their nose and my money where it doesn't belong. All tax payers should be against this. Much more important things going on and better places to use tax payer money then this waste of time.

Clemens lawyer opened his defense claiming Clemens primary accuser Brian McNamee of  tainting the alleged needle to benefit himself and his bank account. Rusty Hardin is part of the vast defense team Clemens has hired to try and clear his name. It is my opinion that the "Rocket' did use roids. His former teammate and friend Andy Pettitte claims he did. No reason for Pettitte to lie. In fact Pettitte had to fall on the sword saying he also used HGH but "only" twice.

Hardin used his opening statement to claim McNameee benefitted by smearing Clemens, who hired McNamee as his personal trainer while the pitcher was with the Blue jays and Yankees. McNamee claims he injected Clemens starting in his Toronto days. Hardin held up a book for the jury to see, or better a manuscript titled " Death, Taxes, and Mac". The word Taxes in the manuscript had a bid X going through it using 2 syringes. Hardin asked the jury, or gestured to the jury that claimed would there be any market for this manuscript if McNamee hadn't made these allegations against Clemens

Clemens 'voluntarily" spoke before this government gathering in 2008 and claimed he never used roids, thus the perjury claim. Clemens claims he did so to clear his name and did so not by being served a subpeona but by volunteering 4 years ago.

Hardin said during his opening statement that Clemens "dared to deny he was guilty of a crime" and claimed the gov't should never prosecute someone for trying to clear his name.

The 1st trial cost the tax payers millions and ended after the prosecution tried to enter evidence that was deemed by the judge raggie Walton as being inadmissible. The cost this time to taxpayers will be millions and millions again, this while the country drowns in red ink.