Oh that Roger Goodell. What a commissioner. Oh he really cares about the players. He is the biggest, baddest sheriff in town. What nonsense. Goodell is nothing more then a hypocrite and a tyrant.

Let's break it down. His harsh sanctions on the New Orleans Saints are absurd. Not 1 of these  players that were "bountied" were carried off on a stretcher. The worst hit of all the one on Kurt Warner was perfectly clean and text book. Suspending Coach Payton for 1 year is outlandish. Did he and the Saints break the rules. Yes. is it worth 1 year on the sidelines-NO. Peyton knew about these "bounties" no question. How many other coaches know this goes on. All of them. It goes on in every locker room in the NFL and many in the NHL, NBA etc etc. These "bounties" are waaay over blown as much in the media and chat circle is. You are never going to end it whatever IT is.

Former Defensive Co-Ordinator Gregg Williams is suspended for an indefinent amount of time. This very well could mean until the concussion lawsuits are done with. Don't know. That's what this whole charade is all about. Those absurd concussion lawsuits that to me have no basis and should be tossed out as frivilous. This is the same Goodell who wants an 18 game schedule. Yeah nothing speaks to player safety like 2 more games of banging heads.

Next reason why Goodell is a clown and a liar. His reputation of being this tough guy against "dirty" hits. Yeah what he has accomplished is basically neutering defenses and defensive players and it is all subjective anyhow. If a ball carrier makes a "football" move to allude and puts himself in a vulnurable position to get slammed and then does why is this the defensive players fault? it's not. Yet with Clown Goodell and his subjective discipline no defensive player can hit a guy if that guy gets hurt  yet it is that players fault. See Pittsburgh defensive lineman James Harrison. It is Goodell who makes the call and it is arbitrary at best. I said it during lockout negotiations. If I was a player part of those negotiations would be that Goodell steps down as commish. In Goodells NFL 45-42 games are his desire. Defense is his bane. For me this is the definition of boring. Last team that gets the ball wins. Yawn.

Yet in Goodell's NFL a murderer like Donte Stallworth can play. What a JOKE this is. Leonard Little is another murderer yet he is welcome in Goodells NFL. Total nonsense.

Back to the Saints and the bounty. No one will argue it is ok to go out and on purpose try and hurt or maim players. That's not Football thats barbaric. But injuries happen in this brutal sport and the meek aren't welcome. Their are "bounties" in every locker room. However there are't paper trails like the Saints left.

Players look for "kill" shots and thats part of the game. The literal crowd will take that to mean it's ok to hurt. Not at all but hitting hard causes turnovers and that is what defenses are looking to do. Hit you so hard you turn the ball over. Now with Clown Goodell it will be love taps cause if a guy gets hurt on a "kill" shot the investigation will begin. What players want any part of that. yet this is the same Goodell that has no problem with NFL films or merchandise that glorifies big hits. Oh that's right the cash reggy is ringing. My bad. The same Goodell that cracked on the jets fro the Ines Sinez stuff yet sent a swim suit model to represent the NFL in London. Total hypocrisy by Clown Goodell.

The NFL is enjoying the fruits of Goodell right now but  I believe an erosion might be coming. Hope I am wrong. Love the NFL, especially the old art of defense. The fans will be entertained by 35-32 games for so long and then they will get bored with it.

I could go on and on how Goodell is a hypocrite. This bounty stuff is just the latest example. You can bet your last dollar "bounties" will be back week 1.

I realize I am in the minority on this. Some believe Goodell is some sort of hero. I think he is a joke. Just fining players willy nilly. Suspending players or coaches for however or however much he wants at any time. No this isn't a heroic man. This is a dictator who has too much power and not enough checks in the check and balance system. Goodell is out of hand and wields too much power. I am sick of Roger Goodell and his dictatorial ways and his blatent hypocrisy. Murderers can play. Yet ruffians get crushed. Woman can't be hooted at yet yet he sells sex. Big hits are frowned on until it makes money for the NFL.

if it were me and I was a player it is time to focus on the clown act and dictatorship of the commish and his blatent lies and hypocrisy. The NFL and it's fans would be better served if we got a new leader that wasn't on a power trip and didn't have an ego that was more important then the game itself.