Here I thought NFL dictator Roger Goodell had the goods on the four Saints players suspended in the team's bounty scandal, but just didn't want to make them public (which is absurd frankly). Now today, we find out that indeed he may not have had anything implicating the players for paying a bounty to hurt other players.

I am just stunned by today's developments concerning  "Bountygate." Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma, who is attempting to clear his name in the courts as he has filed a defamation suit against Dictator Goodell had a meeting with said dictator and what came out to me is startling on two fronts.

First, according to ESPN sources, the affidavit Goodell supposedly has wasn't signed and turned over until September 14. That's just this past Friday. Wait didn't Goodell have all of this "evidence" before? Isn't that what he claimed when handing down his suspensions? Now we find out he didn't have the signed document or affidavit proving Vilma's guilt have, but now he has it which brings me to  issue number two!

This affidavit, which just was received, is from former assistant coach and defensive co-ordinator Gregg Williams who is on suspension with no end date. That's it, Roger? That's your overwhelming proof? I mean I have to laugh at this. You must be kidding me. The guy caught on tape urging players to hurt other players and how to deliver that pain is the "proof" you have. Oh no chance Roger you told Williams  something like  "get me that evidence pronto and we will see about your reinstatement at a sooner date." No chance of that. Are you kidding me? No, seriously, are you kidding me?

The guy who was supposedly running the bounty is your only witness as to who was involved? So, Williams, not only are you a thug, an idiot, and a fool but a rat as well. No chance that you are singing names to save your career right? No, because you are a man of integrity right? Again I must laugh.

So let me recap here. The egomaniac who sees himself as the judge and jury of the NFL, Roger Goodell, had nothing in hand until Friday and now that he has his damning "evidence" it is only from the guy caught on tape talking about hurting players and hurting them badly and is hoping to be allowed back into the game at some point at the discretion of the guy who handed down the suspensions.

Goodell, you are a sham and Williams, well, rat and thug and idiot are mild compared to what you are, sir! In the famous words of talk show host Bruce Jacobs, WHAT A JOKE!!!!!