It's not completely official yet, but the paper work has been filed for Lakers forward Ron Artest to change his name to Metta World Peace.

Oh hey crazy.  Just when you thought that Ron Artest was halfway on the track to finally being a normal guy, he throws us a total curve ball.  He has filed the paper work to officially change his name.  Of course it's something completely normal like Metta World Peace.

In the paper work, Artest sites personal reasons for wanting to go through with the name change.  Before anything is finalized he will have to go to court to determine that he is not a crazy person.  Good luck with that. Metta of course meaning: The philosophy and practice of universal love.  World Peace is pretty self explanatory.

Just this past year Artest won an award for outstanding dedication and work in his community.  A far different Artest than the one who started one fo the craziest brawls in all of sports at the Palace of Auburn Hills in Detroit in 2004.