Good bye Ron, and hello Metta!  The court document was approved today for Lakers forward to officially change his name to Metta World Peace.

As of this afternoon the number 15 jerseys in LA that have said Artest on the back for 2 years will now read World Peace.  The artist formally known as Ron Artest has officially changed his name in order to make youth more aware of the trouble in the world, but he just comes off as a little crazy.

World Peace also wants to wear the #70 next season, and we can't wait to hear the crazy reason why he is picking that number.  In his 2 years with the Lakers he has already worn 2 different numbers (37 and 15).  The deadline to submit for a number change is March and he missed that deadline.  The NBA doesn't have rules against name changes though, which will work into Artest's master plan.

World Peace is going to be the last name, so everybody can get ready to buy their World Peace jerseys.

-Ron Artest

ESPN reports that Artest's daughter Diamond is also going to change her last name from Artest to World Peace.