The Hampton News Roads Business Journal (Norfolk, VA) had reported that Sacramento Kings management was planning on discussing plans for a potential move to Virginia Beach, VA due to the financial issues surrounding the building of a new arena in Sacramento. Kings owners Joe, Gavin, and George Maloof have denied the report, stating that they have never spoken to anyone about a Virginia Beach move.

This could be one of two things: deceit on the part of the Maloofs, or poor journalism from the Hampton News Roads Business Journal. I'm leaning towards the latter, given that the Maloofs clearly want out of Sacramento and, in my opinion, wouldn't hide any opportunity to leave the city in an attempt to gain leverage against their government.

The Kings have also been linked to Anaheim, who have been looking for a team for quite some time now.

Clearly the Kings should do the only two things that are right in this situation: find a way to stay in Sacramento or move to Seattle and give that fan base its Sonics back.