Jimmer Fredette did it again! He cranked it up on national TV and national radio, heard here on The Team, as Jimmer put up the type of numbers to make him a significant player of the year candidate in college basketball.

He did it against BYU's Mountain West Conference rival San Diego State in a crucial game for that conference and a game that has huge implications for both teams on seeds for the upcoming NCAA tournament in March. So is Jimmer player of the year in all of college basketball? More importantly do I think he'll become a major player in the NBA?Going into Saturday's game, Jimmer Fredette leads the nation in scoring. He is averaging 27.4 points

per game! He finished up Saturday's game against San Diego State with 25 points, 3 rebounds, and 9 assists. Those are solid numbers for a college player! Also, Jimmer can get those points all over the court, especially well beyond the 3-point arc. Sometimes he'll shoot as far back as the area between half court and the 3-point arc 20-25 feet away! Now there are two important questions to ask. The first is will he be player of the year? I certainly think Jimmer is no doubt in the top 3 in the nation. In the beginning of the year most of the nation believed the leading candidate for player of the year was UConn's Kemba Walker. But since Walker has cooled off along with the rest of his Huskies. That leaves Fredette with Jared Sullinger of Ohio State and Nolan Smith of Duke. Sullinger certainly has put up the numbers for Ohio State as the Buckeyes were undefeated through the first 24 games. Since then they are 2-2 heading down the stretch in the Big Ten. Nolan Smith and his Duke Blue Devils have risen to take the #1 spot in the country. But of course Smith is another product of Mike Krzyzewski who puts these players out seemingly each year.

As long as BYU stays afloat and performs at a competitive level from here out, I see Jimmer Fredette taking the player of the year title since he literally is carrying the team on his back. Sullinger and Smith both have a good supporting cast on their respective teams whereas Jimmer is all talent back at BYU! Finally, do I see Jimmer becoming a solid NBA player? I can only see this happening as long as Jimmer puts up these kinds of numbers against big-named power schools such as a Duke, UNC, Ohio State, Michigan State, Syracuse, etc. I'm going to be very curious to see how he does during the NCAA tournament. He performed well in it last year and his performance this year will be a good barometer of how he can handle the pressure and size at the very top levels of college basketball. Keep in mind, he's putting up these numbers in a middle of the road conference. If he puts 25 or so points up against a big-named school, then I'll give him the thumbs up as being a significant contributor to an NBA franchise!