I'm not sure if this really comes as a shock to anyone, but here goes: celebrity socialite Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce today from NBA player Kris Humphries. This move comes just 72 days after they tied the knot in a made-for-TV celebrity wedding.

In a statement released on Monday, Kardashian stated: "I hope everyone understands this was not an easy decision. I had hoped this marriage was forever but sometimes things don't work out as planned."

The filing in Los Angeles County Superior Court provided few details, other than to state the couple have a prenuptial agreement that will dictate how they divide up their assets. Kardashian is asking that both sides pay their own attorneys' costs and that a judge terminate Humphries' rights to spousal support.

Humphries, who played last season for the New Jersey Nets, became an item with the TV celebrity last December after Kardashian started showing up courtside at Nets games. Their relationship was chronicled on the Kardashians' reality show, with the season finale capturing Humphries' romantic proposal.

The news of the couple's split comes more than two months after their highly publicized wedding on August 20th, when the couple reeled in a profit of $17 million in TV royalties and wedding gifts. Those in attendance included Humphries' Nets teammate Jordan Farmar and Los Angeles Lakers forward Lamar Odom, who is "happily" married to Khloe Kardashian (just ask Brian Noe, he is closely watching the state of that marriage).

So, the question that has come to my mind throughout the day is this: what has lasted longer than the Humphries-Kardashian nuptials? Here's the list I have compiled thus far:

  • Both the NBA and NFL Lockouts
  • TCU's commitment to the "dying" Big East Conference
  • Dennis Rodman's marriage to Carmen Electra (144 days, compared to just 72)
  • My last relationship (over 4 years, which is longer than the marriage AND the courtship these two money-hungry hacks had together)
  • Cliff Lee's time spent with the Seattle Mariners
  • The two-year marriage of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline
  • The current marriage of Super Bowl scapegoat Hank Baskett and Kendra Wilkinson
  • Mike Piazza's time spent as a Florida Marlin (okay, it was only seven days, but I can imagine it was the longest seven days of his life)

If you have any additions you'd like made to this running list, feel free to e-mail me: cady@1045theteam.com.