Seattle is in the NFL playoffs.  Get over it people!

I have no problem with a losing team making the playoffs.  The Seahawks won their division!!  The last time I checked; when you’re the Division Champions, you get into the post-season and host a playoff game.  That’s the way it is - sorry!

Seattle might have been 7-9 but they were the best team in a really, really bad division.  If you don’t like the playoff format, then switch up the divisional alignment and make it like the English Premier League.  Put all 16 teams in one division and have the top 6 make the playoffs.

You can’t change a rule or overreact because this happened one time!!

A losing team has made the playoffs only once in this history of the NFL.  Think about it, this is the only time this has ever happened - ever!  There have been seven 8-8 teams to get into the post-season.  2008 -- San Diego, 2006 N.Y. Giants, 2004 St. Louis and Minnesota, 1999 Detroit, Dallas and the 1990 N.Y. Jets.



There have been 19 10-win teams to miss out on the post-season since the NFL went to a 16 game schedule in 1978.  The Giants, Buccaneers had 10 wins this year and didn’t get in.  In 1991, the Eagles and 49ers were both 10-6 and didn’t make it.  The Patriots (2008) and Denver (1985) both missed out with 11 wins.  1989 Green Bay finished 10-6 and tied with the Vikings for the Division Title but Minnesota won it based on tie-breakers.  The following year, the NFL instituted the double wild-card.

I have a bigger problem with a team winning 10 games (or 11) and being left out of the Dance Party than I do with a 7 win team making it to the post-season after winning their division!!