The secret to the New York Knicks going 6-1 in 2014 isn't really a secret - like most teams, they live and die with the success and decision-making of Carmelo Anthony.

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In late November, it was Anthony telling us that he was 'confused' about the offense and did not have the confidence to share the basketball on a consistent basis.

Make it was a magical toast at midnight on the morning of January 1st, but something has Anthony thinking clearly, making the right decision and (wait for it ...) PASSING THE BASKETBALL!!!

Anthony is averaging over 4 assists during this successful streak that the Knicks are having. And behold, here's the stat that unveils how the Knicks can win --

Per ESPNNewYork, the Knicks have won 11 games and lost only 2 whenever the superstar has four or more assists. And check this out, the winning rate is even higher the more Anthony passes - 5-1 if he has 5+ assists.

There are a bunch of reasons the Knicks are playing better - better defense, Iman Shumpert is shooting better, etc. But it all starts and ends with Anthony.

If Mike Woodson can keep Anthony playing this sharing-type of basketball (doubtful) then watch the Knicks continue to succeed.

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