Shaq has officially retired from the NBA and is going to be starting a career as a TV analyst for basketball.  In an interview yesterday he said that Miami's Big 2 got beat by Dallas.  Looks like Superman isn't a big fan of Chris Bosh.

All we heard all NBA season was how the Big 3 of Miami were the real deal.  They started out the season disappointing and ended it with a crushing defeat to the Dallas Mavericks for the NBA title.  One guy who knows about winning titles is Shaquille O'Neal.   He has 4 titles, 3 with the Lakers and 1 with Miami.

After this season he decided to hang it up and is now taking a shot at Miami power forward Chris Bosh.  Yesterday the Big Shamrock was doing an interview and one of the questions asked was how will Miami cope with the loss.  He said that the "Big 2" will be back and then went on to praise both Lebron James and Dwyane Wade, while leaving Chris Bosh out of the conversation.  Looks like Shaq is making a bang in his first stint an an  NBA analyst.

The Miami Heat, they've got a lot of great players, the `Big 2.' They will be back


Guess Shaq isn't a big Chris Bosh fan.  After those comments someone asked Shaq about how his health was lately before the conversation turned back to his Big 2 comments to which he replied, the controversy has started already.