Sources at ESPN indicate that the 10 year vet is heading from the New York Jets, to the rival New England Patriots, pending a physical.

Shaun Ellis has been playing football with the New York Jets since 2000.  During this years draft however, they drafted his apparent replacement in Muhammad Wilkerson.  The Jets were obviously building up for the future and going to route of younger players.  According to Ellis' agent, he was offered a veterans minimum of $910,000, but it was not enough to keep him around.  Jets head coach Rex Ryan had this to say on the matter.

The fact that he chose them ... there's no way I'm going to wish him well...I wish him to be healthy, but I don't want him to play that well. But he knows. I know the way he is too. He's going to be revved up, ready to go, and our guys will be too. So it will be fun going against him.

-Rex Ryan

No word yet on what the Patriots offer was, but it was obviously better than the Jets since he moved over the the Jets most hated rival.  He will be a great addition to that team and really help their pass rush.  Over his career he as accumulated 72.5 sacks, third all time for the Jets.