Shaun Ellis spent a little over a decade with the New York Jets and this year signed with division rival New England Patriots.  Now that he is getting ready for the Super Bowl, he has no problem slamming his former team.

It was an ugly contract negotiation between Shaun Ellis and the NY Jets, and Ellis is still  a little bit bitter all these months later.  Why wouldn't he be?  They wanted to offer him the league minimum on a one year deal, and said that he probably wouldn't start.  Not exactly what Ellis was looking for after 11 seasons with the team.

During yesterday's media day the topic came up about his exit from the Jets, and Ellis wasn't afraid to talk about it.

No loyalty. They preached that the whole time, loyalty, loyalty, blah, blah, blah.

You can only imagine that while the Jets are sitting at home watching the Super Bowl, Ellis is happy about his decision to sign with the Pats.