Brian Cady is a known traitor. It’s been established. As the New York Giants were marching through the postseason Cady, a jealous and bitter Cowboys fan, decided he needed a change.

Brian Cady, host of Cady’s Corner, producer for The Noe Show and board technician for Game On decided he was going to abandon his team, cheat on his allegiances and become a Giants fan. That’s right. Not only did Cady jump ship on his team when they needed him most, he left them for their long time foes. Why? No one knows. Some say it’s because he’s a sore loser, others say he’s simply a front runner. There are even those who claim that Cady is a serial cheater with no moral compass who wanders this world like a vagabond, spitting on his so-called friends and latching onto anything and anyone who will hook him up with a good time and a hot meal. The speculation is endless and the answers, forever unknown. The question that I ask you, Giants nation, is: do you want Cady on your side?