Interesting question posed to me by a caller on my radio program today ( Game On With Bruce Jacobs).

The question was in relation to dealing Robinson Cano for big time prospects. Again my answer is no and there are several reasons why.

Reason 1- You are the New York Yankees. Sports most known, loved, and hated franchise. Such is the price of success. You can find people wearing Yankee caps on every continent in the world and that is not an exaggeration. In Asia, Africa, South America, where ever you go you will see Yankee garb being worn and sold. You won't be seeing Pittsburgh Pirates stuff sold every where. That didn't happen by osmosis. That means you have a responsibility to win or try to win. Call it the curse of being the Yankees.

Reason 2- How can you rebuild when you have large money tied up in several contracts, namely Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira, CC Sabathia. Rodriguez  and Teixeira have no market value based on injuries, in Rodriguez's case steroids, and less then stellar play. Sure you could deal Cano but he is a free agent and will get large dollars. Not many teams can afford what he wants.

Reason 3- You can't charge the prices the Yanks do, get the big dollar media contracts they get with Joe Nobody's. It doesn't work that way. Again the curse of being the Yankees.

Reason 4- Why would you want to rebuild? I hate that word. In reality rebuild means " we will stink for a few years and hopefully get some prospects that can be tomorrow's Yankees. It means you will lose for a few years unless you just get flat lucky. The Pirates have been rebuilding-for 20 years. The Cubs have been rebuilding for OVER 100 YEARS. These are extreme examples obviously. Perhaps it is a generational thing. When you are 20ish rebuilding means by the time you are 23-25 you hope your team will be good again. However when you get to the 40's rebuilding is distasteful, especially in today's I want it now world.

Reason 5-Works with number 4. The Yanks appear to be barren on top flight prospects except perhaps a few guys in the low minors. if they had better prospects you wouldn't be seeing the Vernon Wells, Travis Hafners, and David Adams of the world in the Bronx. All have been mostly ineffective but the Yanks really have no choice as they try and patch together a decent club that can stay in contention. Another words we are talking massive rebuilding job.

No the Yanks should not " rebuild" in the sense of what rebuilding means. What the Yankees should do is what they do. Grow prospects and trade and sign good talent. The blueprint clearly works, as they have made the post season 17 of the past 18 years.

I think it is fair to wonder how the Yanks let the farm system be so depleted. There are reasons for some of this coming via trades and signing free agents. But poor drafting has cost this club.

So for me the answer is no. No to that ugly word "rebuild". I say re-tool, let the heavy contracts run it's course and hope that the injured players can get back fast and contribute fast.