Written by Brian Krowsky

There are fantasy football fans, and there are dedicated fantasy football fans, and then there are those fantasy football fans.

You know the kind… overdedicated, stat nerd, lives it as if it were his/her career.

Well know that obsession can be taken to a whole different level. Fantex, a sports marketing and management company, has now combined the effects of Wall Street and fantasy football into one.

The ideal of this new business is to invest a sum into players, and receive compensation based on their salary earnings. Acting both controversial and beneficial at the same time, this idea is bound to raise awareness.

 As of now, only two players have agreed to deals with Fantex, Arian Foster of the Houston Texans, and Vernon Davis of the San Francisco 49ers. Both are skill position players who have racked up their fair amount through salary and endorsements.

So be prepared, world, for fans to try and connect themselves with the high-class athletes of the world, and begin to root for not only performance on the field, but off the field a well.

To read more, here’s an article written by Peter Lattman for the NY Times.