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Should The Hall Of Fame Ban Chief Wahoo?
For years there has been a struggle over what's the right way to handle sports mascots? In the NFL The Washington Redskins have taken a hard line and refuse to change their nickname or logo but in the MLB the Cleveland Indians have begun steps to distance themselves from their mascot "Chie…
Shaker High Holding Vote on New Logo
Shaker High School has decided to give the Bison mascot a face lift. The school decided to challenge it's own students and teachers to come up with a new and improved version of the Shaker Bison.

The Deadpool 2 Trailer Is Anti-PC And NSFW [VIDEO]
As someone who is affiliated with Disney I am hopeful that they understand not every movie is full everyone and not every "Hero" is Superman and Captain America. The truth is the flawed hero is a tale as old as time(pun intended). Zues killed his father, Hercules killed his family, our fo…
Should The Knicks Draft Trae Young?
It still remains to be seen exactly where the Knicks will pick in this year's draft but if Trae Young is available should the Knicks take him? The Oklahoma Freshman has been an offensive standout at Oklahoma but some think the comparisons to Golden State Warriors Guard Steph Curry is unfair to …
Siena Men's Basketball Lands 'Most Underrated' Recruit In Nation.
The Siena Saints had a down season last year where Murphy's law seemed to be in full effect. Not only was the team young and inexperienced but losing Point Guard Roman Penn to a heel injury basically ended their season. Head Coach Jimmy Patsos took a step to make sure that wouldn't be the …
WWE Monday Night Raw Returns To Albany!
The WWE is coming back to Albany and bringing some of the biggest names in sports entertainment with it. The Times Union Center will host WWE Monday Night RAW on Monday, May 21st. Tickets go on sale this Friday, March 23rd at 10 AM.
Patsos Calls For A Resurrection Of Siena Men's Basketball
This is why I love Siena Saints head coach Jimmy Patsos. Some coaches have a down year and they tuck their tail between their legs and beg for mercy, not Patsos. Jimmy goes nationwide recruiting and letting the world know he and the Saints will be back!
Would You Watch The 31 Hour Marvel Movie Marathon?
The final "Avenger's: Infinity War" Trailer has been released and now the countdown to what is sure to be a major blockbuster can really begin. I count myself among the biggest Marvel fans but I'm not positive I could handle a 31 hour Marvel Movie Marathon, could you?
Siena’s Roman Penn Has Heel Surgery
One of the many issues leading to a down season for the Siena Saints Men's Basketball team was losing Point Guard Roman Penn for the final nine games of the season. Penn suffered a stress fracture to his heel during a very promising Freshman campaign.
There's An Aaron Hernandez Documentary!? [VIDEO]
One of the most insane stories of recent sports history has been the Aaron Hernandez saga. Here's a guy that had it all and threw it away to be a thug. Part of a potent one two Tight End punch for the New England Patriots it seemed as if there was no limit to how high he and the Pats could go. …