Ok full disclosure-I am not a Pittsburgh Penguins fan but I am a hockey puckster and while the kid has destroyed my beloved NY Rangers it's always good to see the stars healthy and playing. However (and you knew this was coming) I have 2 objections to his vaunted return Monday night at the New Igloo. 1-he was facing the 4th string golie of perhaps the worst team in the NHL the NY Islanders. My gosh fish stick fans will you ever have a good team again.What a sham this organization has become. But my biggest objection is this-When I hear people say Sid Crosby needs to be protected better I want to come out of my shoes. How is a player supposed to be better protected then he is now. The NHL while not as bad as the NFL already 'protects' it's stars but what galls me is the thinking that Crosby should be better protected then let's say Sean Avery for example.. Why is that? Is Avery not afforded the same consideration as a player as Crosby? Is because Crosby fills  the net and some rinks more deserving of special rules?

The biggest issue I have with this line of thinking though is if you "better' protect" Crosby then you might as well just award him 3-5 points every night and hang a L in the loss column and don't even play the game. Crosby is so good he doesn't need to be protected with more rules then any other player and the nonsense that some are spewing how better players need to be better taken care of is just that nonsense. that says to me that if your team doesn't have 1 of these so called "special' players and the games are officiated in a special way for these players then you are at a disadvantage larger then lacking the talent of the special player. No Crosby shouldn't be afforded any special treatment. he is checkable like any player and subject to the hardest hits and nothing should change that. Now the Penguins should do what they can to protect the kid and that's all good. the Edmonton Oilers used to do that for Wayne Gretzky and other stars were protected by their own as well and that's how you protect a player not be having a seperate set of rules for a player or special care of a player.. By the way make no mistake if the refs start calling Penguins games any different then any other teams and extra protection is afforded The kid teams will not take kindly to that and Crosby will be hunted and it won't be pretty