The face of the NHL, who has been sidelined since last season due to post concussion syndrome, took a step closer to coming back today.  Sidney Crosby was cleared for contact.

Crosby suffered a few big hits last year, most notably a direct hit to the head while playing in the Winter Classic against the Washington Capitals.  Crosby officially went down with a concussion in January of last year, beginning a saga that has kept the center man, one of the best players in the NHL and undoubtedly its most noteworthy player, out of action until now.  The post concussion syndrome that Crosby has been suffering was even rumored to be threatening his career.

However, recently Crosby has not been experiencing the headaches and dizziness that had been plaguing him.   He is cleared for full contact, which is a major step toward coming back.  There is no time table for his return, however and the Penguins seem in no rush to get him back.  They are 3-0-1 in this young season without their star, though they will certainly be much improved with his addition.