On August 8th at the Hilton Garden Inn located in Clifton Park, the Siena Saints will honor 2 of their greats with induction into the school hall of fame.

Mike Deane and Marc Brown have both been inducted into the schools hall but neither could make the ceremonies.

Deane was inducted back in December but was unable to attend the ceremony. Brown's induction goes way back to 1998 but he was involved with his pro career and couldn't attend.

Deane is the 7th coach inducted in the Siena Hall of Fame. He joins Dan Cunha, Leo Callahan, Tony Rossi, Joe Hogan, Russ Ferris and Hank Wysocki.

Deane was the 1st coach to get Siena to the NCAA's and the N.I.T. tournament as well.

Brown was a player on Deane's NCAA club in 1989. he lit up Stanford for 32 points leading Siena to the upset win