New Siena Hoops coach Jimmy Patsos has much work to do to rebuild the roster for the Sienna Saints. His job was made harder, through no fault of his own, with the arrest of Red Shirt sophomore Rakeem Brookins who it now appears is off the team.

Brookins name has been removed from the on-line roster of the Saints after his arrest earlier this month on felony burglary charges. Brookins admitted to his crimes.

Brookins, a red shirt sophomore who missed some time with a bad back last season did average 11.3 points per game after scoring  9 pts per game as a freshman.

Brookins was charged with grand larceny after a stolen wallet was found in his dorm. Brookins was charged with 2nd degree burglary and 4th degree grand larceny, both possible felonies. Brookins was found to have a stolen ATM card and stolen subway card on his possession.

After being arrested on burglary charges Brookins was sent to Albany County jail and later posted a 12,500 dollar bond.

The loss of Brookins is huge. He was the only point guard left on the Siena roster for 1st year head coach Jimmy Patsos. Brookins missed 3 games this past season for violating a unreported team violation.

At the time of the arrest Patsos said they would let the legal process play out. Seems the university was satisfied that Brookins indeed did commit the crime as he has now been tossed from the team.