Siena's upset 62-57 win over Georgia Tech last week was their biggest regular season win in the history of the program.  And it just might make people realize that Mitch Buonaguro was a good choice at head coach after all.

The Saints beat a program from an ACC school that made the NCAA Tournament last year.  Anytime a team from the MAAC can beat an ACC team, that's a huge win for the program.  Remember, a bad ACC team is still probably better than the best team in the MAAC.

Was the Saints' win over 20th ranked Stanford back in November of 2007 bigger?  Perhaps, but that win wasn’t as big because Stanford isn’t as well known as Tech.  It's ACC vs. Pac 10.  A win over Georgia Tech carries more weight now.

It was also a big win because All-MAAC Guard Clarence Jackson didn't play due to an ankle injury.  Plus, Ryan Rossiter played with a sickness that required two IV's and a blow to the face late in the first half sent him to the locker room.  he came back in the 2nd half and scored 19 points and grabbed 13 rebounds.  Quite frankly, Mitch Buonaguro out-coached Paul Hewitt - he used a "junk" zone that confused the Yellow Jackets all night long.

It’s early December – Siena will be good. There’s 3 months of the season to get better. Saints fans are embarrassed by the  bad start so far, but get over it.  You knew this wasn’t going to be a team that was going to go 27-4 even with Fran McCaffery.  They lost 3 of the programs’ best players. We all knew this team was going to be a work in progress.  Let’s get some more data before we start making rash generalizations

Change always freaks everyone out.  When a bad coach leaves, the new head coach is the savior for the first few months and then reality sets in a bit.  Perhaps the new guy isn’t that much better than the old coach.  When a good coach leaves, the new head coach is automatically not as good as the old one.  Usually that works itself out too.  The new guy is actually a pretty decent coach – might not be as good as the old one but can still get it done.

It’s the MAAC. It’s not exactly the ACC or Big East we’re talking about here.  It’s 4 days in March – that’s all that matters.  If the Saints win the MAAC Tournament, it's considered a great year.