As you know by now, I look like a bit of a freak - even more than usual!  After losing the "Sound-off Standoff" bet, I now have the Yankees "NY" logo shaved in the back of my head.

But what happens when I, the Yankee hater, actually meet a real-life New York Yankee with the silly logo in the back of my head?

Quite honestly - laughter!  The Yanks relief pitcher loved it.

I had the chance to meet Robertson at the Center for Disability Services Telethon at the Wolf Road Holiday Inn.  I took my family there to support our sister station, WGNA - there were a co-media sponsor for the event.

On a side note, congrats to everyone involved for raising over $1.9 million dollars for the Center.  Without them, there would be a lot of children in the Capital Region with no one to turn to for the help they need.  This is one of the best fund-raising events of the year in the entire Capital Region.


When I arrived at the Telethon, I was told that I should introduce myself to David Robertson.  The Yankees pitcher was there signing autographs - as every one of his signatures raised money for the cause.  I thought, "Why not make an even bigger fool of myself?  I'm not afraid to show my true colors".

Once I met Robertson in the autograph area, he just thought I was another Yankee fan.  I explained that I was from the local ESPN Radio affiliate and I had lost a bet.  I flat out told him that I wasn't a Bronx Bombers fan - but I had to get this.  I then turned around and pointed to the back of my head.

He cracked up and thought my new haircut was one of the funniest things he had ever seen.  He was a great sport about it and thanked me for showing my support!


The only way Robertson could really have thought my look was cool was if I HAD to get that logo shaved into my head.  Imagine if I was just a die-hard Yankee fan and actually got this haircut to support the team?  He probably would have thought I was wacko-super-fan-crazy!  I guess I'm grateful for that.  Although I am a bit wacko, right?