Waaaaah Rexy said a bad word. Waaaaaaah. Good grief man what in the name of Dick Butkus is going on here. Jets head Coach Rex Ryan is in hot water again with the No Fun League (NFL) for cursing at a fan as he was leaving the field Sunday night. The fan yelled at Rex how Bill Bellicheck is a better coach then Rex. The jets coach obviously peeved at how his club was playing basically told the fan to go F*** himself. Now for many of us that's funny and shows the raw emotion of how the coach felt watching his team get worked by the Patriots. However the mamzy pamzy politically correcto's and whiners are now jumping on Rex and the Commish of the NFL Roger Goodell aka Fidel Goodell is investigating.. Really Roger? Really? A man uses a curse word and you launch an investigation. Hello earth to Roger these are grown men with real feelings and passion. The game is about emotion not skirts and cupcakes

For you fans out there that are 'apalled' at such language or my favorite 'it's not good for kids' please move on and let us enjoy the game with emotion and what I call "reals". hey uptight person i bet your kids hear 20 words each day on the school playgrounds that are worse and coming from kids no less. if the worst thing that happens is  your kids hear language that's not suitable for them to use then guess what things aren't so bad. if little Johnny frsh mouth or Mary dimples uses that word do something my grandmother used to do to me-put some soap in their yap and watch how fast they don't use those words. Full disclosure-despite eating soap a few times I use some of these words. i guess the saying in todays SissifiedPC world "sticks and stones may brake my bones but names will never hurt me" only applies when someone else is using the words and panzy ass (whoops there I go) has their feelings hurt. Any wonder this country is becoming soft as tissue paper. Now all of you who don't like this column or opinion do yourself a favor and go-nevermind. LOL