Up in the Northeast we get jammed up three to four months of the year due to old man winter, and that’s a great thing for our sports teams.

Most of us don’t own a snowmobile, have no idea how to ski, and think ice skating is a fast way to lose a tooth - so we are limited in our options for entertainment in the winter months. We are pretty much stuck with watching super fat people buy cat food at Wal-Mart, cars stuck or getting stuck in snow banks, and TV.  Now what’s the most compelling thing on TV during those months of reruns, and Kiss Saves Santa episodes? You guessed it Sports.

We aren’t stuck out west were beaches and golf courses are open year round, where the women dress like Paris Hilton year round. We are stuck inside with our family or in my case your roommates.  I love those guys but if it wasn’t for sports, I’d jam there heads in the oven on broil and hope for the best.

We have the NFL, NBA, NHL, College Football, College Basketball, The Bowl Games, The National Championship, the start of spring training in Baseball, and of course THE F’N SUPER BOWL. We watch it all. The 12 feet of snow that falls a week around here forces us to nothing but watch sports and talk sports with people we are around.  By the time spring gets here we’re like Punxsutawney Phil, we either see Pitchers and caters report to camp, or we have 6 more weeks of Arena Football.

I hear people talking about the UCON’s women basketball more then their own kids in the winter. We are forced to know all about every sports team, and our passion shows it year round. We develop an attachment to our teams (like 12 year old girls are attached to a Justin Bieber). Making the Northeast the biggest hot bed for sports in America.

In Buffalo people show up 6 hours early for a loosing Bills team home games. In San Francisco, fans were showing up late for World Series games. I guess they were busy eating wheat grass and playing the pan flute to realize their team was about to become world champions.

We paint our chests - they get chest implants. We Tailgate - they show up in the 3rd and leave in the 8th. I love my east coast roots, and my NY state of mind. If you can’t hang in the snow, put on some skinny jeans and head west, cause who needs you.