I should start a new daily blog-How the media was wrong and the toads that believe them. I know why Jet QB Tim Tebow is hated by a large segment of the media. I can't delve deep into because of my vow no politics on the show or Blogs. Suffice to say it is becuase of his religion but is deeper then that. Then there are the fans who believe what they read and parrot it like it is gospel.

The talking points from the media is Tim Tebow sucks and he is hated by his peers. Dope fan then follows the talking points like it is fact and repeat it and repeat it. Fact media clown and puppets-Tim Tebow has been voted by his peers as 1 of the top 100 NFL Football players..Gosh how did that happen oh know it all media? Wrong again!

In  vote of his peers and broadcast over the summer on the NFL Network Tebow was voted the 95th best Football player-by fellow players. That's right number 95 for the "most hated guy in Football" according to moron media clown.

At 100 on the list Titans RB Chris Johnson.99 was carolina center Ryan Kalil.RB Willis McGahee was 98. OL Donals Penn of Tampa was 97 and at 96 is Cleveland LB D'quell Jackson.

Right before Tebow from 90-94 is Tony Romo,John Kuhn,Cortland Finnegan and Marshawn Lynch.

Not bad company for the " Hated"  Tebow. Wrong again media stooge and zombie believer although you won't ever see them say they were wrong.