So 6 young folks, age 18-24 decided that their lives were so ruined, that they suffer so much, that they feel whatever it is they feel, because oh jimeney, the Washington football teams name is Redskins. Soon this word could be barred and I am not kidding. In today's candy butt America soiled by political correctness and " feelings" the Washington Redskins might be forced to change their name, and now some Washington politicians want in on the action. Course nothing bigger or worse going on join on in.

Washington D.C. Council member ( what exactly do these folks do?) David Grosso claims the name is " Racist and derogatory" and must be changed. he has put forth a non-binding resolution hoping to push the Skins towards that change.  Yes Mr. Grosso fine work looking out for offended. Forget your city is crime ridden and hey how many unemployed do you have sir?

Wait the best is yet to come. Grosso, who no doubt suffers from the name Redskins has put forth a suggestion to a new name. The Redtails. wait isn't that offensive to redheads? Yes " Hail to the Redtails" has a nice ring to it don't you think? Gag!

Grosso, obviously craving attention, said " You can still sing the song-hail to the Redtails" yada yada yada. Wow Mr Grosso so nice of you to allow the peasants to still sing. How many times a game cause we need to regulate as well don't you think?

Now to this lawsuit. Seems 6 people whose lives no doubt are irreparably harmed are arguing before something called the " Trademark Trial and Appeal Board" that the name Redskins is disparaging-sorry was disparaging ( I guess no more?) to a significant population back when the name was hatched in the 1960's.

Grosso went on to claim " We have to change it.". Yes folks this should be priority 1 I am thinking.

Recently a story came out from the FCC claiming if it is legit that they may ban the name Redskins from the airwaves. The same FCC at th same time decided that David Ortiz aka Big Popi was ok using the F bomb to a TV audience, radio audience, and packed house when the Red Sox returned to play baseball after the Marathon Bombing. No fine levied but Redskins now that must go!!!!!

Redskins owner Daniel Synder, who I guess in the minds of the deranged must be a racist since he owns the team and vows to not change their name, plans to fight all attempts according to him to force a name change.

Challenges to the name Redskins have happened before. In fact a lawsuit was filed back in 1992 trying to force a name change. After spending 17 years going through the courts ( wonder how much that cost the taxpayers) the Supreme Court decided not to get involved in the case.

I want to personally thank Mr Grosso for looking out for his constituents and the tax payers of his district and further spare us all the pain of hearing Fox, ESPN, and other game cast outlets from the harm and hate, and mostly damage being done by using this name!

Sing it with me " hail to the lunatics who parade around making decisions and running this country into the ground."   Has a nice ring to it don't you think?