If you give the Internet a day to come up with some really good material on a subject, it rarely disappoints. After the Monday Night Football debacle that screwed the Green Bay Packers out of a win in Seattle, the web did not disappoint once again with this gem.


It's replacementgoogle.com, an obvious spoof on Google's popular search engine, that pokes fun at the NFL's officiating situation in a truly hilarious and original way.

The way the site works is simple. You just type in what you want to search, hit search, and watch as replacement Google fetches you your search results. However, just like the NFL's replacement officials, there is no guarantee that what the search engine returns is going to be correct, no matter how blatantly obvious and it is that you typed in what you were looking for correctly.

For example, I just wanted to look up a recipe for hummus, and got back a search for "movies without Shaq in them." A search for Bruce Jacobs returned a search for simply "Pete." Wow, it really is just like the NFL!

If you're stuck at work and looking for a cheap laugh, just like the ones scab refs have been providing for the last three weeks, this is definitely the way to go.