I wrote the first installment of this a few weeks back on how to handle break-up. This second edition is about starting a relationship.  I have interviewed a few different girls with different backgrounds and preferences, but their answers all lined up. Take  a few tips from me when you go out on the first date In and around Albany


First up is the first date a lot of things came up as good ideas and bad ideas, but the most universally hated first date…. DINNER AND A MOVIE!!! With complaints such as we get a very limited time to talk, eating in front of someone for the first time is a big deal, what if the movie and the date are both horrible bombs. Not to say it is a bad date all around, it’s just an awful first date.

The lack of intimate conversation leaves a level of anxiety about spending the next hour and half sitting quietly next to the person (I mean what if she smells like cats {I don’t care what people say their cats stink}). Not to mention if you let her pick the flick and she picks something with Sarah Jessica Parker, do you really think you can sit through 2 hours of her foot face and hot body with out wanting to fake a heart attack.

The best option for a first date is a drink, whether its coffee, beer, wine, or milk it is less formal and less of a binding contract. Now you’re saying I’ve had a crush on her for 10 years like hell I want to give her the option of bouncing out after 15 minutes. The informal drink is a 2 way street, you to can use the relaxed feel of the date to see the real her, and whether or not that chick you had a crush on was worth ten years is worth dating, or if its time to ditch her because she is about as fun as a sack of dead batteries.

Now that you have her attention and you both have drink or two in you make sure not screw up and start talking about the mole on your butt or that time you saw your mom in a bathing suit when you were 9.

  Never talk about religion (it just makes people uncomfortable, like short shorts on an old man) Politics (see Short Shorts comment), Ex’s (I know she was your “one love” but she doesn’t need to know that) and leave her body and what you think of it in the spank bank (it’s the first date not a meat inspection). Also don’t get into your family to deep this about selling yourself, not about the baggage that comes with you, on Norman.

Now here are a list of topics you can bring up that will stimulate conversation and not send her running like there is 90 percent off Coach bag Sale across town. 

Sports- Let her know you like sports with out going into your knowledge of how many wedgies A-Rod has picked in the 7th inning in home games on a Tuesdays. Also find out what she is into, start building the things in common tower with a nice sports base. If you’re both Yankee fans things should be ok, if she is a Red Sox fan cut ties and sprint for the hills like you just saw a bear holding a shotgun coming at you.

 Were's my gun?

Movies- Like sports let her know what you like and find out what she likes. Be generic when she says what type of movies are you into don’t say “Political Lampooning, Mocumentaries that are heavy in 1960’s and 70’s campy beach movie references” instead say “ I like Comedies” .  Don’t say “I’m really into erotic Star Wars fan fiction movies that people post online” Say “I’m REALLY into Star Wars”.

 Daddy like

Locations – Say were your dream vacations would be to, where your favorite book store is, what is the best Chinese food place, and where you get gas things she can relate to. This helps learn about who she is, if she says here dream vacation is to Trenton New Jersey you know to bail like you just got your tail wing blown off by the Red Baron.  It also helps set up date 2 with out even trying. “Oh You like Fairs too, we should go to the one next week and ride the pigs or what ever people do at fairs” boom Your in Flint.

Work – This is way to find out how happy she is with her job, and let her know how valuable you are to both her and your company. Note avoid this topic if you are unemployed or are a 30 year old cashier.

******* IMPORTANT NOTE***********

Do not include members of your entourage or family on the date. Nothing shows her how much you care like letting grandma tie her up and beat information out of her like in some North Korean Brain washing center.

Also Sports Jersey's are not going out clothing.

Next Week we are going to talk gifts what gifts really make an impression.