The NCAA is a joke. It's a corrupt, two-faced, charade of an organization.  Their thirst for profit is equaled only by their ruthless disregard for the "student-athletes" they claim to put first.

And as such, the condemnation they receive so regularly is, more often than not, well deserved.

But not today.  Today, we've gone a little overboard with our NCAA hate.

After beating New Mexico State to advance in the NCAA Tournament, San Diego State head coach Steve Fisher took to the mic and unloaded on his governing body for what he believes is an outrageous travel policy.

His opponents, the coach explained, were getting on an NCAA-chartered plane immediately after losing their late night game and heading home.  They were not allowed to stay in Spokane, Washington overnight as they would have preferred.

"This should not happen!" coach Fisher exclaimed again and again in his several minute takedown of the NCAA - one that, in my estimation, stretches a bit beyond reason.

Would a morning flight be best?  Absolutely.  But let's put in proper perspective what's at issue, here.  San Diego State's head coach is unhappy that an all-expenses paid plane ride comes at a less than ideal time.  That New Mexico State's free trip home begins a few hours prior to when they'd prefer.

I loathe the NCAA, but the flak they've taken today is absurd.

They're not telling the players to figure it out themselves.  They're not suggesting a carpool.  They're not supplying tandem bikes and compasses and saying "good luck."  They're not even telling them to get on a bus.

They're arranging and paying for a chartered flight home.  You'd rather it come after breakfast and not before?  Well, I'm sorry, but that's a you problem.  Between the men's and women's tournaments, the NCAA must arrange the travel of 132 different teams.

I'm sorry that your flight couldn't be perfectly tailored to your liking.  I'm sorry that it's late, and that the pretzels are too salty, and that the seats aren't as comfortable as you'd like, and that one of your teammates beat you to the window seat, but let's look bigger picture, here.

The NCAA deserves excoriation, but not for providing free plane rides at inconvenient times.