Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith says Tim Tebow wouldn't make his son's flag football team.

Steve Smith definitely isn't shy.  He's not afraid to speak his mind.  The Panthers' wideout recently made a few interesting comments about Tim Tebow.

“I don’t want to be one of those guys like everybody saying ‘oh he’s not this’ — he’s winning,” Smith said.  “But at the end of the day, you can’t be 3-10 for three quarters and you go into the fourth quarter.  Because Tim Tebow is ‘Tebow Time’ I keep hearing, but nobody is giving credit to who deserves it — which is that defense, because it’s playing lights out.”

“Everybody wants to say Tim Tebow is that difference maker,” Smith said, “he wouldn’t be on my son’s flag football team.”

Wow!  Tell us how you really feel, Steve.  I love the honesty.  Personally, I think Tim Tebow's value has been completely blown out of proportion.  It's laughable that fans can be talking about Tebow as a legitimate MVP candidate.  He's made some plays in crunch time late in the 4th quarter, but a football game is four quarters long.  I think Tebow is good enough to play on the same flag football team as Smith's son, but I agree with Steve that Tebow's value has been completely overstated and exaggerated.

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