Tim Tebow threw 2 interceptions in 7 on 7 drills in OTAs today!?!?! Pack it in Jets fans, according to the media, our seasons over.

 All day on Sports Center its been non-stop coverage of Tebow vs. Sanchez. They've got Rich Cimini on location “live tweeting” the OTA scrimmage. Get a life Cimini. Across town Hakeem Nicks breaks his foot but that story is buried by all the news and “perspective” about how Tebow’s picks will effect how Mark Sanchez prepares his next morning omelet. Tim Tebow must be the worst quarterback ever, because no one has ever EVER thrown an interception in practice. Only the pathetic, incapable, “controversial” Tim Tebow would be terrible enough to throw a bad pass at his first practice of the year, with a new team none-the-less. It’s a done deal, this is an awful move by the Jets, he sucks. What a joke. Listen all you Tebow hating perspective experts: Tim Tebow will be fine. Mark Sanchez (the starting quarterback) will be fine. It’s the first practice.