According to the AP, the editor of the student run news organization that originally reported that Joe Paterno was dead has resigned after their report left many Penn State fans angry.

Last night the fact that long time Penn State coach Joe Paterno had taken a turn for the worst made headlines everywhere.  It wasn't long after that, that multiple news sources were posting about how the 85 year old had lost his battle with lung cancer.  After the Paterno family disputed those claims, the editor of the student run news source Onward State issued an apology and retracted the reports.  As of this morning, he has resigned.

Devon Edwards blames himself for the mistake and said that never in a million years did he think that the national media would pick up on his small news site.  Well they did, including us.  CBS Sports was the first to roll with the story which stared an avalanche of news coverage. All sources later retracted the statements.

So where did Onward State get the information in the first place?  Did they just make it up, or did they misread the headline on ESPN?