I love Ndamukong Suh as a player and person. You watch him play and then watch how he handles himself off the field and there is much to be admired but for the remainder of his career Suh will be known for   blowing a gasket and stomping on the arm of Green Bay's Evan Dietrich Smiths arm during the Packers rather easy 27-15 victory over Suh's Lions. Suh seems like a gentle giant.Mean and tough on the field and serene off the field. His warrior mentality is exactly what you like as a football fan but antics such as this will tarnish his career. Just ask Albert Hainsworth who stomped on a Cowboys head and until his career has gone south that was always something held against him

The big question now is how long will Suh be made to sit by commish Roger Goodell. Ironic since just a few weeks ago Suh voluntarily went to New York to meet Goodell and discuss his aggressive-some would say dirty play. I have defended Suh. Football is not for the meek but there is no defending his remarkably stupid and selfish stomp no less on Thanksgiving. Not a fan of the commish but he needs to slam Suh hard with a suspension. I am thinking 2 weeks minimum. Suh should feel especially ashamed cause his Lions are teetering and need his body on the field not on the sidelines. With 1st round pick Nick Fairly still out this dream combo of pass rushing terror hasn't been seen yet. I will continue to defend Suh as a player and person but Suh's moment of stupidity will always be remembered and forever be seen. Shame on you Ndamukong for throwing a tantrum and acting the fool for all to see.