Despite defections,players being kicked off the team, suspensions, and injury, UCLA head coach Ben Howland got the UCLA Bruins into the NCAA's tournament. They lost their 1st round game in ugly fashion to Minnesota 83-63 and now the rumors are that Ben Howland will be fired, perhaps today by UCLA.

Meanwhile missing the post season last year and on pace to miss it again this season, the Tampa Bay Lightning in the NHL have fired head coach Guy Boucher.

1st back to Westwood and Howland. If the rumors come to pass Howland will leave UCLA with some major accomplishments on the court. 10 years in Southern California. 25-10 this year despite his player missing much time and the Pac 12 regular season title. Career record 233-107. 4 regular season titles at UCLA, and 3 final 4's. On the negative side the Bruins haven't been to the final 4 in 5 straight years the longest drought post John Wooden and questionable players dotted the roster at times. Some of the players Howland recruited ran into problems. Players such as Reeves Nelson, J'mison Morgan, and  Joshua Smith to name 3.

Not helping Howland was a big cover piece and article in Sports Illustrated last year citing major dysfunction in the program.

Now to the coach that was given his walking papers on this Sunday. Guy Boucher. He started with much promise, getting Tampa Bay to the Eastern Conference finals his 1st year in Tampa but never coming close to repeating the feat. Boucher was the 1st hire for new GM Steve Yzerman. It looked brilliant that 1st year when the high flying Lightning when they defeated the Pittsburgh Penguins among others to get to the NHL's final 4 in 2010-2011. Last year Tampa missed the playoffs and this season after 30 games they are in danger of doing that same thing. A record of 13-17 has them 2nd to last in the East. Tampa will have co-coaches for Sunday night's game in Winnipeg as Assistants Martin Raymond and Dan Lacroix will share coaching duties for the game Sunday night however that co-coaches thing works. The former Red Wing great Yzerman had no comment what happens after Sundays game.