I hope I am wrong. Yes I want to be wrong. Yes I want fans to let me know how much of a dope I am. I want them to rip me. I want to be wrong, wrong, wrong. Ok now that I got that out of the way I am taking the Falcons over the Giants today. Perhaps me talking about it and writing about it will work the Giants favor. It usually works that way. However I think Atlanta is slightly better then the Giants and will leave Jersey today with a 27-24 win..

To me the 2 biggest differences between these  clubs. 1st the Falcons stay with the running game while the Giants tend to abandon the ground game quickly. Just look at yesterdays games. Both winners ran it well. Houston gobbled up 188 yards and even the pass happy Saints tore off almost 170 yards. You have to run to win in the playoffs even despite the pass happy NFL. The Giants for some reason disdain the run, The Falcons don't and won't. Led by Michael the burner Turner who finished 3rd in the NFL in rushing with just under 1,400 yards. Expect to see lots of Turner to try and keep the Giants fearsome pass rush honest.

Reason number 2- Tony Gonzalez. Hard to believe this hall of famer has exactly NONE, ZERO, ZIP playoff wins. Lots  of football and no post season success. The Giants have struggled covering the TE this year, from Fred Davis to Grahem to the great duo in New England. Heck even Dustin Keller had 8 catches against the Giants 2 weeks ago. I think Gonzalez is the difference in this game and the Falcs walk away with a 27-24 win..

In the AFC just ask yourself how are the Broncos going to score vs the Steelers? A defensive Td maybe. Special teams perhaps? With Tim Tebow struggling and the Steelers defense licking it's chops this could be a long day for the Broncos at home. All of a sudden Tebow is racking up interceptions after protecting the football even through his less then steller games. Give the ball away vs Pittsburgh and this game could get ugly fast. As for Big Ben Roethlisberger I don't trust his ankle injury but if the Steelers can jump ahead and pad the lead they can rest Big Ben for next weeks game at New England. Of course me looking ahead means the Broncs probably pull off the big upset. At the time of this writing the Steelers are 9 point favorites on the road, that is huge and with a 1 legged Big Ben. I will take the Steelers in this game 23-6.