The talk is of the superstar quarterback and the unbeatable defense. The league's top offense and it's best, most punishing defense.  The unstoppable force vs. the immovable object.

The talk, while sexy, is wrong.

Indeed, the X-Factors for this year's Super Bowl has little to do with Peyton Manning and Richard Sherman, instead it has to do with Marshawn Lynch and an enigmatic defense.

The Broncos offense will move the ball, but not with the same ease they normally do.  They'll score points, but not with the same dynamism they've now come to know as routine.  Seattle's defense will get stops, but not with the same, dominating frequency they have all year.

It's a stalemate.

The game, then, comes down to the other offense, and the other defense.  What will the Seahawks' bruising running back Marshawn Lynch do with his legs, can a Broncos defense that has been tremendous at times and awful at others contain Russell Wilson?  That's where the game will be decided.

Armen Williams and I discuss: