There is a petition online against newly signed Jets quarterback Michael Vick being allowed on SUNY Cortland’s campus for Gang Green’s training camp.

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Only one problem, it’s not even for certain yet that the Jets are going to have their training camp at SUNY Cortland for the fifth time in six years.

“We have not received an official decision from them or an unofficial decision from them and they have not made any announcements,” said Frederick Pierce, spokesman for SUNY Cortland, in a phone interview with 104.5 The Team.

“At this point, we don’t even know what our relationship with the New York Jets is. We certainly hope we have a relationship with them this summer and would like to host camp but we don’t have a relationship with Michal Vick and it’s not our place. It’s premature for us to really get involved.”

The petition, located at, does not seem to be locally driven or fueled.

“We don’t know who started it but if you look at the people who are signing, it’s really all over the globe. I don’t know of any alumni or students that have signed it. It does not to appear to be a local phenomenon.”

The Jets signed Vick this off-season, who went to jail for 23 months after pleading guilty to federal charges in connection to running a dog fighting ring. Ever since Vick got back into the NFL in 2009 with the Philadelphia Eagles, PETA and other animal advocacy organizations have protested Vick’s professional employment.