NEW YORK, NY -- If you want to go to Super Bowl 48 and have been waiting for tickets to get to “the right price”, says Glen Lehrman of StubHub.

The average price for tickets as of Wednesday morning was $2,800, that’s a thousand dollar less than they were a week ago.

“For the Wednesday before the Super Bowl? That’s about the prices I’ve seen in the five years I’ve been doing this,” said Lehrman.

“The market has kind of been flooded because there were a lot of tickets out there that weren’t purchased. Now you’re starting to see ticket sales pick up again.”

PODCAST: Glen Lehrman of StubHub

Face value was $1,500 and currently prices are as low as $1,800!

If it’s on your bucket list to go to a Super Bowl, this might be the best price you’ll be able to get! Ever.