Super Bowl XLVII will be the most tweeted about event in the history of mankind when all is said and done. We all know that you will be tweeting during the game, so why not tweet with your friends at 104.5 The Team ESPN Radio?

That's right, your friends here at 104.5 The Team will be doing a very special live tweet event throughout Super Bowl XLVII from the pregame festivities to the trophy ceremony, our crew will be updating you on scores, injuries, and cracking jokes about anyone and everyone that matters during the big game.

I, Jay Sanin, will be your master of Twitter ceremonies, with a huge number of 104.5 The Team personalities checking in as well. After all, I would assume you're there for them and not to read a bunch of goofy puns from me.

How can you be a part of it? Just give us a follow on our official Twitter handle, @1045theteam, and keep an eye out for us during the game. If you want to talk with us, shoot us a reply. If it makes the cut we will retweet it to our legion of followers, and we will try to respond to as many as we can throughout the night.

Enjoy the game, and we will see you in the Twittersphere.