For folks like me this news is a bit disappointing but understandable. American swimmer Michael Phelps announced on 60 minutes that the games of London this summer will be his last time competing in the Olympic games.

Now I admit I am no swimming geek. I don't ever watch swimming, and never had much interest in the sport even for the Olympics. Phelps changed all that. His incredible  Olympic performance in the 2008 games was much watch TV. I watched every prelim and gold race he swam in. It was great TV and theater.

Controversy hit Phelps soon after  photoes were released tying him to smoking pot  and the rumor mill had him tied to several woman. For those that care about that stuff and the gossip press it was a field day. American Olympic  hero enjoying the spoils of fame, wealth and  popularity. Typical trash press material.

However for those who watched over Phelps they wondered if the hunger and passion for competition had faded. Phelps himself admitted to getting a little lazy, hanging around all day playing video games and sleeping.

However Phelps seems to have found the hunger to compete and here we go. Phelps told 60 minutes he is training hard and ready to go. Phelps needs 3 medals to set an all time  record for most medals in the Olympic games.

Phelps told 60 mintes reporter Anderson Cooper  that he questioned his motivation and will to compete but he says he found it. " It's hard, because I didn't know if  the passion or fire was still inside me. and it took awhile for me to realize it myself. Phelps claims he has been training hard for the upcoming games in England. Even Phelps coach Bob Bowan claims he didn't know if the fire burned for 1 of America's greatest athletes and perhaps soon most accomplished. Bowman told Cooper " I thought it was 50-50. I really didn't have a feel whether he would come back"

Phelps claims he is working hard for the games and the fire is back. He is doing some unique training to get ready for the upcoming competition like sleeping in a chamber, or as he put it in a box that simulates high altitude of 8000 to 9000 feet.

As for his plans after the London games phelps claims this is it " Once I retire I am not coming back I am retiring". So for 1 more summer swimming fans and casual fans like myself get to see this water marvel and see if he can get back that burning fire for winning. I know I will be parked in front of my TV to see if Phelps can break more records like the most medals in Olympic history!