Hello journalists? Hello? Where have you gone oh liars of information? You know who you are. You claim to be the pipeline of information to average Americans? Now you were there journalists when it came time to pile on Bernie Fine, the supposed child molester who was the assistant coach at Syracuse. However seems journalist is too busy to stay with the story as evidence trickles out that Fine may be innocent.

Now let me state I am not surprised by this. Journalism is a dead vocation for the most part in America today. Oh sure jurno is on the spot when it comes time to report the allegations that people make especially against famous people, however after truth starts to come out seems journalist is on to the next hit piece.

We now have 2 admitted liars in the Fine case. 1st it was this sleaze ball Floyd VanHooser a felon serving time in the clink. VanHooser claimed he was molested by Fine.Oh journalist was on that. When good old Floyd admitted he lied well journalist was busy with their next hit piece on someone else. Sure it got scant attention but not the mass reporting as the initial accusation.

Now we have this creep Zach Tomaselli who claimed he was molested in a Pittsburgh hotel room by Fine. Journalist was on top of that even though travel records showed Tomaselli wasn't in Pittsburgh at the supposed time. Again scant mention of this. Tomaselli by the way is going to jail for molesting a young boy. Now good old Zach admits he lied about an e-mail sent to journalist. Zach the molester now says he doctored that e-mail to journalist to make Fine look guilty. Tomaselli  now wants police to halt the investigation against Fine. He further claims he was indeed molested by Fine yet has 0 evidence to prove that claim, rather he has the lies he has spun. Again scant mention by journalist!

Now if you are getting the feeling that I loath journalist you would be correct. Most of these liars are just that and they are dangerous and they have an agenda. Of course Fine was guilty. he is succsessful, white, and probably has some money although I can't say for sure. Just like the Duke Lacrosse players were guilty. Wealthy, White, and  party guys they had to have raped the young lady. they decended on Duke like Hawks until it was proven that the girl lied then journalist got too busy with the next hit piece.

Yes I loath supposed journalist cause most of them are scum and liars. Supposed "news journalists" are the worst of the  worst. Sports "journalists" are also pathetic. Most of them are arrogent and actually believe Americans are waiting on baited breath for their reporting. I have seen them destroy life after life with no shame what so ever. I feel bad for the few who actually live up to their job title and their are some fine one's. Sadly they are far and few between. I gave up believeing these people a long time ago save again for a few who are true pros and very good at what they do. This Bernie Fine case is just the latest. Be ready cause it will continue until truth seeking Americans demand they do their job and push back against them!