I may be the last media person even following this story. Regardless, new information has turned up that Syracuse University back in 2005 investigated allegations that former  Assistant Coach Fine was sexually abusing a fromer ball boy who accused him of just that.

Bernie Fine, fired by Syracuse in November, showed that the university found not one collaberating witness or anyone who belived the former ball boy Bobby Davis.

Since the story broke davis added his brother to the  list of victims. Soon, other victims came forward. Davis, led by lawyer Gloria Allred sued Cuse coach Jim Boeheim for defamation. The lawsuit was tossed. The two other "alleged victims" turned out to be frauds and liars and Fine's wife Laurie threatened to sue ESPN for slander and other things.

As I have opined from the start the whole case stinks to high heaven. ESPN is shameful for going all in with 'evidence" they and a newspaper in Syracuse held on the shelf. I claimed I thought Fine was innocent. It appears more and more I was correct.

Fine is now an advisor an Israeli basketball team. The Syracuse investigation turned up no evidence that Fine indeed had molested anyone, Davis included. As I surmised this was a cash grab by Davis. Now I hope the next chapter will be a major lawsuit by Fine suing ESPN!