A little love for lacrosse in this week's play of the week.  Syracuse's Tim Desko really knows how to score an impressive, elusive goal in this clip.

It's that time of the year again for guys to gear up, grab their sticks, and go play with each other.  I'm talking about lacrosse, of course.  Currently Syracuse is the #6 team in the country, and goals like this one scored by Tim Desko is for sure a reason why.

On Sunday the Orange were facing the #1 team in the country, Virginia.  Unfortunately 'Cuse ended up on the losing end of this one, 14-10, but not before unleashing this play on us.  Somehow, Desko is able to put the ball between his legs and score with out even looking.  Pretty impressive.  That's why we are making it this weeks, play of the week.