3000 hits

Mike Lindsley’s Top 5 Most Beloved Yankees Of All-Time
Picking greatest Yankees in any category is like splitting hairs or flipping a coin or picking the most ripe apple in the bunch during the months of September and October in the Northeast.  How about the most beloved Yankee of all-time?  Just as tough as the next question when regarding th…
3,000 Hits Verses 600 Saves
Yankees closer Mariano Rivera currently has 597 career saves.  He's 3 away from becoming just the 2nd player in Major League Baseball history to reach 600.
Are you surprised by that news?  Let me ask it this way - did you even know that?
Jeter’s 3000th From Inside the Stadium
Did you want to be there? Couldn’t get tickets? Want just to see what could have been? Boom. Here you got no need to thank me for being able to pretend that you were there sitting on the first base line. If this doesn’t make your day then I don’t know …
Would You Have Sold The Ball From Derek Jeter’s 3000th hit?
I don't know what was a bigger story - Derek Jeter's 3000th hit being a homerun or the fact that a 23-year-old dude named Christian Lopez just gave the ball back to the Yankees and didn't want anything in return.
What on earth was this guy thinking?
The Top 5 Moments of Derek Jeter’s Career
Saturday afternoon Derek Jeter connected for the 3,000th hit of his illustrious career. This accomplishment, while an amazing feat, is just another in a long list of highlights that has colored Jeter’s tenure. It got me thinking about what are the best moments of a career that has …
An Ode to Derek Jeter and His 3,000 Hits
Oh Captain, My Captain! Saturday afternoon Derek Jeter connected for his 3,000th career hit.  He would go on to collect four more hits, including the game winner in a Yankee win.  It's the latest and greatest personal achievement in a career that has seen him tally a Rookie of the Year award, five G…
Jeter vs. Rivera: Which Yankee Is More Valuable?
Derek Jeter finally made his return back to the Yankees last night after suffering a calf injury in mid-June.  The Yankee captain missed 18 games while on the DL.  During that time, New York went 14-4 and took over 1st place in the American League East.
Before you read any further, just realize that …