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Alex Rodriguez Clown Show Must End Now
Cheating and lying in Texas while using performance enhancing drugs while playing on the richest contract in baseball history.  Cheating and lying through steroid use and coming out and admitting it, while causing a circus in New York and using teammates as pawns, only to in the end try and look lik…
Joe Girardi Confirms MLB Doesn’t Update Him On PED’s
Yankees manager Joe Girardi addressed the New York media and 104.5 The Team ESPN Radio late Wednesday morning and confirmed that he does not receive updates on what is going on with MLB and their continued effort to ban Alex Rodriguez and many others for their roles in the Biogenesis drug lab.
Alex Rodriguez to Resume Baseball Activities
The savior is back!  The guy who still gets the free pass for all of those steroid injections and lies and tabloid nonsense is back.  Aren't you thrilled, Yankee fans?  A-Rod has been cleared to resume baseball activities and is headed to the Yanks' complex in sunny Tampa.
The Yankees Injury List Grows By 1
Add Joba Chamberlain to the loooong list of injured and disabled Yankees.
The Yanks announce on their day off before a series with the Oakland A's starting Friday at the stadium, that Chamberlain is out with an oblique strain.
Chamberlain was placed on the 15 day DL which was made retroactive to …
Yankees Must Dump Alex Rodriguez’s Contract Immediately
If anyone can find Hank and Hal Steinbrenner, tell them priority #1 should be to get rid of Alex Rodriguez's contract.  It is the ultimate albatross in baseball and keeping the Yankees from doing so many things, such as getting below the luxury tax, building an actual team and being free o…
Are The Yankees On The Verge Of A major Trade?
The walking wounded continue to pile up for Joe Girardi and his Yankees. So much so the team may be forced to make a deal in the coming days, ahead of the April 1st opener against the Boston Red Sox.
Reports from the left coast claim the Yankees and Angels are talking trade and the target of the Yank…
Five Reasons To Hate Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez is again implicated with steroid use, and his presence on the Yankees is becoming more of a burden than anything at this point. Here are five reasons to hate the embattled former superstar.
1. He lied again
So A-Rod not only took steroids back in the day and announced it with the Yankee…

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