Three Amazing Catches From Over the Weekend
In one weekend of college football we saw possibly the three best catches of the year, some analysts have thrown out words like, "catch of the decade". Check out three catches from Saturday - and feel free to watch over and over again, marveling at, 'how did he do that...
Doubts About Cam Newton
With the NFL Draft around the corner, there's all sorts of speculation right now about who the top picks might be.
I also have my doubts about one other thing.  Cam Newton.
The Biggest Rivalry Doesn’t Exist
As we all get set for tonight's Syracuse/Georgetown & Duke/North Carolina games, it brings up a great debate about rivalries in sports.
Let's face it, every fan has one game on their teams' schedule that they look forward to the most every year.  Throw out the records, whe…
Save The Bowl Games
Most people wouldn’t argue that the system currently in place for deciding a College Football Champion is broken, but does fixing it have to mean death to the bowl system? I don’t think so.